Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Shakespeare on Spotify: Rare Marlowe Players production of Hamlet with Patrick Wymark.

An amazing rarity has cropped up on Spotify. Based on the various parts of editions I've collected, my understanding has always been that the production of Hamlet included in the Argo imprint was this recording of the Old Vic Company production with Derek Jacobi. That hasn't always sat well with me though, especially since the others were recorded with the Marlowe Society in conjunction with the British Council and it seemed strange that such an arrangement wouldn't also include the greatest play, especially since they also polished off King Lear.

Now the mystery's been solved:

If you're looking at this post in RSS you might have to open the post in order to see the Spotify embed.

A quick search in Gramophone's archives confirms that this is the original Argo release of Hamlet (review one, review two).  Hamlet was indeed recorded with The Marlowe Players in the 60s, along with the rest of the canon at that time and released on vinyl.  Later when they were rereleased on cassette, Decca Records who controlled the Argo imprint decided to supersede this earlier recording with the Jacobi and that's what's turned up in ever edition since.

As you'd imagine I'm quite excited and you can expect a review soon.

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Hope the Naxos Shakespeare audiobooks will be added someday.