Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The AV Club interviews new female Hamlet Mary Tuomanen.

Quite a lot of the codification for her interpretation of the character is in her hair:
"There’s a lot to be done with my hair, because it’s very easy for me to look like a little boy, and Hamlet needs to be a little more than boyish. The transformation of my hair over the course of the play has been fun; we tried slicking it back, and I had a part, and I looked like I was from Hogwarts… (Laughs.) But it turns out the crazier I get, the more I pull at my hair and make it explode and look bizarre, the more I look like Hamlet. As we go through the production, it’s becoming less important that I look like a man and more that I look like Hamlet."
One of the elements I really appreciated in Natalie Quatermass's interpretation was that she kept her hair long and made the character relatively feminine which brought a different energy to her scenes with Ophelia.

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