Thursday, October 08, 2009

RSC 2010

Next year's plans at the Royal Shakespeare Company have been released. Looks like I'll be taking another trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon:
"Hamlet, directed by Tarell Alvin McCraney – this new production will join a revival of The Comedy of Errors, directed by Paul Hunter, in Stratford for a special week of Young People's Shakespeare performances devoted to young audiences.
No word on casting, though it's an interesting choice for director. McCraney has been a playwright and actor in his own right and was RSC/Warwick International Playwright in Residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company last year. It's a production designed primarily for schools and is set to première in front of the press in London on 26 January. I'm hoping it will end up at the RSC's own venue later in the year.

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Anonymous said...

Where do I begin...In the 'O that this too, too solid flesh' speech, Hamlet is a grovelling, snivelling, pathetic apology for the noble Dane, and in his response to the Queen's plea to 'cast off his nighted colour, he is like a petulant teenager. Why was a vital chunk of the 'To be, or not to be' soliloqouy left out ? and I am sure that the sword appeared in his hand, as if by magic, when he insists on seeing his father's ghost alone. AWARD...yes, I'd give this production an award, as the worst production of Hamlet I have ever seen. Olivier must be turning, nay spinning in his grave, as they say